Etula Group Oy is one of Finland's first and most important companies specialising in sweat equity investment. We train, do analyzes and work as shareholders, advisors and/or Board members in various companies. Our strengths are growth strategies - a special field of growth funding and market intelligence.

We help growth-oriented companies and entrepreneurs to grow by means of long-term cooperation. We are not afraid to take risks with companies in a crisis either.

Why pay for nothing? We already have! Over the years we have also made countless mistakes and seen everything. Instead of going through what we have and pay a lot of money, take a chance and contact us.

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  • sami_etula
    Sami Etula
    Sweat Equity Investor

    Sami began a career as entrepreneur when he was just 18. For over 10 years he has worked as a specialist and in training and has been on Boards of Directors. Sami has advised hundreds of companies and been on the juries and panels in growth entrepreneurship competitions. His specialities are turnaround management and growth funding.

    +358 50 357 2516

  • marjaana_etula
    Marjaana Etula
    Sweat Equity Investor

    Marjaana has worked in sales and development and has been on Boards of Directors. Her special area of expertise is market intelligence and its exploitation in the strategic decisions of companies. Marjaana has a remarkable ability to develop business concepts as packages that deliver value for both the customer and the shareholders.

    +358 44 564 8792

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