A sweat equity investor is a mentor who, through entrepreneurial risk, becomes an entrepreneur's part-time and temporary owner/partner. A sweat equity investor is also a business angel, contributing (primarily) expertise and networks. The main objective is to grow the company's shareholder value by making it investable and professionally managed, and, ultimately, manage its capital in order to achieve a successful market breakthrough.

A sweat equity investor is an active shareholder you can put a face to, one that risks its position and reputation. It is an early stage player that gets involved in the company's development when it is starting up, or even before.

We are glad to join companies, where:

  • Team members ambition is strong
  • Product or service solves some relevant problem
  • Business idea has growth potential and market niche is recognizable.

And the entrepreneurial team would like to expand the owners of company and needs

  • Wider network of contacts
  • More strategic skills
  • Customer understanding
  • Funding options to growth

We function as an active shareholder generally in the role of Board member or chairman and in other supporting roles. The entrepreneur leads the company and we are his or her right-hand man. We take investment risks and also get involved in companies in a crisis. Our average share of companies is 20–30%.



We act as trainer to various training and development companies as well as business accelerator organized trainings. Please inquire possible trainings you closest actor. Or if you want to arrange your own training or you are looking for speakers to some event, let us know more.


We also act as a professional board member role in either the board member or the Chairman. Compensation of board member work is 1,100 euros / month and the Chairman 1600 euros / month.


We help entrepreneur as well as company to grow. We can lock our earning to the company's revenue. If you do not succeed - we will not. If you want to self-develop and grow, as well as us in a long-term partnership, but not a shareholder, this is the optimal solution.

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