#ANGELGUIDE – Guide to Finding an Angel Investment

#ANGELGUIDE - Guide to Finding an Angel Investment

Introduction - #AngelGuide

We are currently living in the golden age of angel investment. The number of business angels throughout Europe is estimated to be approximately 271,000. According to the most recent studies (EBAN), approximately 7.5 billion euros were invested in early stage companies throughout Europe in 2013. Of this sum, 5.5 billion came from business angels, 2.0 billion from the private equity companies and 80 million euros through crowd funding.

We have a problem, however. The majority of companies seeking investment are not in a condition or sufficiently mature to accept the investment. I decided to do something for that matter and wrote a booklet. Actually. There was a plan to write a book (200 or 300 pages you know). But I noticed that almost every book start repeating himself after 100 pages and bigger ones are hard to read and take with you. So I trashed over 100 pages and decided to do tight and simple under 100 pages booklet. It wasn't simple. But I did it.

This is my sweat equity impact investment example for everybody. And that is the reason why this booklet is published under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence. You are free to share and use content on non-commercial usage but not to do any derivatives.

If you wish to share Sweat, Networks, Equity – Guide to Finding an Angel Investment in your network, just write a short info on your website and add download link to this file: http://etula.fi/pdfs/guide_to_finding_an_angel_investment.pdf Please, don’t make/upload a local copy to your website, just link directly to the file.

If you want to translate it to your own language, please contact the author to get more information and original editable materials



Why I should read it?

Guide to Finding an Angel Investment is aimed especially at you, who are wondering where and how to find business angel investment.

The Guide will provide you with information on:

  • How a business angel thinks and what motivates him or her?
  • What, how and under what terms do angels invest?
  • What issues in your company need to be in order before you apply?
  • What do business angels check in a company?
  • How do I determine the valuation of my company?
  • How is a pitch made?