Documentation required during investment process

If an investor becomes interested in a company, he or she will want to go through the target company fairly thoroughly before making his or her decision, therefore the entrepreneur should prepare to submit at least the following documents:




Company budget: 12 months and + 3 years. (Usually 3 different scenarios)


The company and product brochures, including technical descriptions.


Freedom-To-Operate, often a document produced by a lawyer stating that a product/service does not infringe the valid patents of others.

Intellectual property rights

List of intellectual property rights (IPR) belonging to company

Cash flow calculation

Cash flow calculation of company 12 months and + 3 years (usually 3 different scenarios)

Extract from the Trade Register

Company extract from the Trade Register

Business plan

Valid business plan – PowerPoint format is adequate

LinkedIn profile

Up-to-date and comprehensive LinkedIn profile provides a good picture of know-how, background and networks.

Shareholder register

A list of shares and shareholders, including ownership structure and individuals, including backgrounds (CVs).

Shareholder agreement

Current shareholder agreement (and other undisclosed agreements) if these exist.

Pitch presentation

A presentation about the company and its potential. A template can be found at HERE  

Project plans

Detailed project plans and roadmaps, if such are available.


Numbered minutes of the company's general meetings of shareholders and board of directors, starting from the minutes of the constituent meeting.

Agreements / Contracts

Significant agreements binding on the company (subcontracting, rental, sales, R&D, funding, employment contracts, etc.)


A one-page summary on the opportunity to invest in the company.

Financial statements

Income statement


Valuation and grounds. The easiest way to calculate valuation is to use

Articles of association

Valid articles of association of a company

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